Phenom II x4 975 BE vs FX-4170 for gaming?

Yeah so my birthday is coming up and im getting a new cpu and i need suggestions. Currently im looking at whats in the title, the 975BE and the FX-4170. And the Phenom II x4 975 BE is a 160$ which is around my limit cause i need a new mobo aswell. Ive heard the 4170 is the best rated amd cpu for gaming, not sure if its accurate but a chart here showed that as the truth. Im not setting either or in my mind so if another one is with in the price range and better for gaming then feel free to suggest(Im not wanting intel cause its exspensive as hell and i need a new motherboard which intels mobos are expensive also. Considering i dont have a job and less than fortunate parents money wise i have a small budget.

The games im looking to play are:

BF3 (I understand i cant play on Ultra.. Im fine with playing on low if i need to)
Minecraft every once in a while(its been boring lately)
Killing Floor(I Already get avg 75FPS on Highest preset which includes x8 AA)
BFBC2(current fps 25-30 on lowest)
GTAIV once in a blue moon(lowest not sure on fps, its pretty bad, playable but bad)

I Also could use suggestions on Good but affordable mobos. It would need 4 RAM slots minimum. Onboard Video - i dont care if it even has it.

Specs will be:

Cpu - (depends)
Mobo - (again depends)
Ram- 8gb ddr3
GPU - XFX Radeon HD6770(already have it)
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  1. toms hardware currently has the 4170 as the best gaming AMD cpu,3106-5.html

    its also cheaper than the 975. its only 129$ if you buy within the next couple days

    this budget board gets good ratings. ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3+ @ 85$
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