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Hi, I have a phenom x4 965. I have been using stock cooler and thermal paste. I'm now looking to overclock my cpu and ordered a shiny new coolermaster heatsink/fan, and bought some artic silver thermal paste. I need to know any steps neccesary to remove the old thermal paste and prepare it for the new stuff. While I have your attention if anybody can help me figure out how to OC my RAM from 1333 to 1600 I would be most grateful. Thanks for all your help!
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  1. Sure! :)

    1. Remove stock fan and thermal paste

    2. Add thermal paste of about the size of a pea

    3. Put the new CPU cooler on the CPU and it will squish the paste down across the CPU

    NOTE: If you have a CPU cooler like a Hyper 212 there will be trenches on the copper plate that touches the CPU. Put some thermal paste in between those trenches for maximum cooling.

    As for overclocking the RAM, you are taking it pretty far and overclocking RAM can corrupt things such as the BIOS causing serious issues, so be careful.

    What are your RAM timings/voltages and what does it say under your SPD tab in CPU-Z?
  2. lol it is the hyper 212 so i will be sure to add to the grooves thank you. I was wondering if there was any solvent i should use to clean the paste off (like alcohol???)
    here is link to RAM overview

    dont have access to comp atm will update asap
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    Yeah, take a micro fiber cloth (something that will not leave fibers behind) and some isopropyl rubbing alcohol, then put some of the alcohol on the cloth. After that, just rub the paste off. It may look like all the paste is off, but do it again until no grey paste is showing up on the cloth.

    As for the RAM, you are not overclocking it because it is meant to run at 1600Mhz. But what you will have to do is first go into the BIOS. Second, find where your RAM settings are and set them to these values: Speed (Mhz) 1600, Timings 9-9-9-24, and voltage 1.5v. The command rate should be set to 1T I believe.
  4. thanks again you have been most helpful!
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  6. gity69 said:
    thanks again you have been most helpful!

    No problem! :)
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