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I have a whole set up ready just need a recomendation on a motherboard(from a canadian site please like direct canada). So far I have a gefore 9800 gt 1gb (medium-high gaming, a bit of designing), a atx box, fans, a power supply 500 W with a 600 w peak from rocketfish made for gaming (Is that enough?), intel i5 2500k, dvd drive, ram 8gb. I will be using it with 2 screens.
I NEED a motherboard that is around 100-150, I am not going to use this for HIGh gaming or high designing. I will be doing a bit of these two. I need a recommendation that will fit with the above.

1) What Motherboard?
2) Should I need a cpu cooler?
3) Is 500 w enough (has a higher peak in case)?
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  1. 3) The quality of Rocketfish PSUs means that when it says 600W peak, it probably means 300W peak, for a short period of time before it fails. I think you would probably be quite lucky if your other components survived it's failure.
    I would strongly suggest buying another unit. Or not using any but the most low power discrete graphics card with it, which are hardly better than the integrated graphics cores on the i5-2500K.

    A high quality 500W unit would be more than enough for a build with a 9800GT. Obviously go with a ~600W+ unit if you want more upgrade options.

    Corsair CX400 80Plus $40

    XFX Pro 450W Core Edition 80Plus Bronze $55 ($20 rebate)
    550 and 650W versions are also good if you can afford them/if you can wait for them.

    Rosewill Capstone 450/550 etc on are the best units below $100 if you can afford them.

    1) GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 $115

    2) You will need a CPU cooler if you want to overclock by a significant amount and want the temps to be kept low and/or if you want to reduce noise levels.
    If you are on a tight budget it would be better to get a good PSU rather than a CPU cooler.
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