Plate on 6770 not at 90 degrees to rest of card

Hi all,

I'm not at all expert when it comes to modern GPU's, and I'm just about to fit a brand new Sapphire HD 6770 into my new build.

However, I opened up the box and was just lining it up with the PCIe slot when I realised that the back metal plate part is not at 90 degrees to the PCB section of the card as I had expected.

It seems more like say 75 degrees - so if I put the card in the mb there will be a gap at the back where the GPU plate doesn't line up properly with the rest of the case.

Is this normal or have I been sent a reject that got through quality control or that the courier dropped down a flight of stairs?

(I also don't want to bust my mb by trying to fasten the GPU plate into my case if it is bollocksed!)

Any help much appreciated.

(Oh, and I checked online first, and although I couldn't find anything conclusive the pictures on the Sapphire site seem to suggest that this one is bust - although it is hard to tell from the angle that their pictures were taken at.)
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  1. It is not normal, if it is just the plate you can bend it back.
  2. RMA A.S.A.P. ?
  3. Agree, RMA it to get replacement...
  4. Thanks - will be sending it back ASAP. I'm not going to risk bending it back myself - it's too rigid and if I break the whole thing then I wont be able to return it so easily.

    Btw, how do I set as "solved"?
  5. You can choose "best answer" below every one's post...
  6. Oh, just out of interest:

    On the side opposite to the PCIe interface the PCB of this card is not finished well in a couple of places.

    The best I can explain is that there are basically three little bits where it looks like it has been broken out of a mold badly leaving either rough edges or trailing bits of "melted" plastic.

    Normally you don't see that side of the GPU in the official photos produced by the manufacturers - as they focus on the heatsink, plate and connectors, or the PCIe section.

    I just wondered if that sort of rough finish was normal - or another indicator that this is a reject card.
  7. wa1 said:
    You can choose "best answer" below every one's post...

    It's a discussion, not a question so he won't be aible to choose the best answer.
    Just ask a moderator to close it.
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