Yes, another ide to sata question.

I have read many reviews in Tom's Hardware and other sites. None seem to address the problem direct.
I am putting together a new system. I am using a Gigabyte mobo-G41MT-USB3. It has no IDE headers or ATA headers. Only SATA2 - 4 ports.
My HDD is a Maxtor SATA. Currently I have no way to load the Gigabyte Drivers nor can I load the operating system because my CD/DVD/ROM is IDE. On Newegg, there are several adapters that claim you can use the adapter to go IDE device to SATA or SATA device to IDE. The directions are simple emough and straight forward. However, I'm no geek by any stretch but i'm either missing something important or these adapters are just ripoffs. Would appreciate opinions, help or suggestions. Thanks.
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  1. I'm sure the adapters work as claimed. While Newegg might not always stock the highest quality components It'd be tough to imagine them stocking straight up scams.

    Depending on the price of the adapter it might be better to just throw down the $20 for a SATA DVD-ROM. You're going to get better throughput and while IDE is a dead technology SATA will be around for awhile to come.
  2. I'm not sure about the adapters from sata to pata but this:
    is a working guide for installing w7 off a usb drive which I have used several times for my laptops
  3. While those adapter works for HDD, they rarely works for OD. Avoid them and get SATA OD.
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