Need Power Supply Help before my old lady shoots the computer.

Hey guys I'm currently upgrading fiancees 4 year old pc to feed my new gaming need of playing SWTOR and basically I have completely rebuilt this computer over the past month part by part. That wasn't my plan but my results by changing one part at a time was so much better before I caught the bug.
I went from my fiancees grandmal dual core, Nivida 9500 GT 256mb, 500gb hard drive, 4gb of ram (that is currently no longer in production) and some cheap custom mid tower case (also the company no longer arround) to this:

AMD Phenom II 975 x4 Black Edtion
Windows 7 64 bit
EVGA GTX 560 Ti 2gb DDR5 Graphic card
Sabertooth 990 FX Motherboard (currently not installed)
2x 4gb Kingston Ram (currently not installed)
Antec D-85 Dark Fleet Full Tower (In a UPS Truck some where)

Basically all I need now is a new power supply! The one that's in the old computer hums. You can hear it through the whole house and if you know what your listening for you can hear it outside. It is so bad that my best friend randomly show up at my house and can stand outside the front door and know's if I'm geeking on a video game and I'm just ignoring his phone calls.
So I need a little help on pick a SILENT power supply and what wattage I need to go with.
The current computer has a 650 watt powersupply that I'm running in the old system. I'm running CPU, CPU Cooler and the graphic card above on the old motherboard. Looking for something that makes NO or as little noise as possible. Also needs to have a long enough wire harness for a full tower and I want to hide all my wires in the avaible areas in the case. Any suggestion, I've been looking at power supplies between 89 and 120 dollars but don't really have a clue. My old lady says she going to find out what 15 rounds of 9mm do to a computer if new one hums to. (yes it's that bad.)(Yes, she will shoot the computer we were both military.)
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  1. It's hard to keep track of PSU prices day-to-day; they're always jumping around with some rebate or discount that changes every week. But you can get a really good 550W-600W unit for $50-$60 if you keep your eyes open. A few I'd recommend right now:

    Corsair Builder Series CX600 - $60

    Silverstone Strider Essential series 600W - $60 + $6 shipping

    If you're looking to go a little cheaper, OCZ is known for being a half-step below those brands but still reliable IMO ...

    OCZ ModStream Pro 600W - $44 + $6 shipping
  2. For your setup all you really need is a good 500W PSU. I have a Seasonic M12II 520W...dead silent with a full load. The non-modular version is the S12II 520:

    A couple of discounted Antec Earthwatts PSUs:
    EA500D for $49.99:
    EA650 for $59.99 after MIR:

    All three of the PSUs are great quality and will run quiet to silent. Among these I would go for the Seasonic with a 5 yr warranty or the EA500D (both Antecs have a 3 yr warranty.
  3. Yea, a Modular PSU might be a good design since your gonna have a bunch of cables in the case with non-modular. But anyways that CX may be good enough, if you wanna know my opinion. A Silent series 600 watts or a Cooler Master GS600
  4. Any new, high quality PSU will not buzz/hum, unless they are faulty. There aren't any fanless or semi-fanless units in your price range AFAIK.
    But if you really want to reduce fan noise then the best choice in that price range is one of the Rosewill Capstone units (available in 450, 550, 650 and 750W versions).
    I say this because they use fans which have maximum speeds of 1200/1500RPM, but are unlikely even to go above 1000RPM. The Capstones are also very high quality and very efficient (which is one of the things which allows them to use slow spinning fans), so they are good choices even if low noise isn't a priority.

    Xbitlabs measured the fan speed curve of the Seasonic S12II Bronze 520W (internally the same as the M12II Bronze 520W) and M12II Bronze 620W. The 520W's fan on maximum load was measured at 1800RPM. The 620W was measured at 2200RPM. So based on that I they'd only be any good if drawing ~50% of their rated power or less.

    The Antec EA-650 uses a Protechnic Magic MGA12012HB-A25, which has a maximum speed of 2500RPM. The Antec EA-500D uses an 8cm ADDA AD0812HS-A70GL, which has a maximum speed of 3200RPM. These units will only get that noisy in the last ~80% of their rated power, but IMO one of the Capstones is clearly the better choice from a low noise perspective.
    Shows a system using an i7-920 (roughly equal in power consumption terms to a Phenom II X4) and a GTX 560 Ti drawing 352W at the wall under Furmark.
    So anything that can continuously provide ~350W and has two 6pin PCIe connectors is going to be enough to run your system. Generally it is 500W and up units that meet the connector requirements.

    The main cable lengths on the 750W version, as measured by JG (and likely the 550W version) are as follows:
    20+4pin 55cm,
    4+4pin 60cm,
    6+2pin (x4) 50cm(+15cm).

    ITOCP measured the cables of Super Flower Golden Green 550W (the unit the Capstone-550 is based on) as follows:
    20+4pin 50cm,
    4+4pin 60cm,
    6pin and 6+2pin 55cm(+15cm)

    So personally I think you will be able to get tidy cable management with these units.

    If you want a modular unit then this one should also be quiet:
    Lepa G-500MA 500W 80Plus Gold Modular $110
    Based on the Enermax Modu87+ 500W unit. Which uses an Enermax Twister bearing EA142512W-OAB, with a fan speed range of 300-900RPM.

    If you want a modular SF GG:
    Kingwin Lazer Gold 700W $115 ($2 shipping)

    BTW the Silverstone Strider Essential 600W SST-ST60F-ES and OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W are the same internally; they are both based on the same Sirtec/Sirfa/High Power design, just the Strider Essential isn't modular and has longer cables.
  5. if its that loud its a fault, i'm running a Seasonic S12 600W with a much higher load than you and to all intents and purposes it is silent, the fan idles at a very slow speed, will pick up a little in summer at highest loads but you can't hear it. Any good brand will be ok.
  6. Thanks for the input! I went with this:

    OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Modular Gaming 80Plus Bronze Power Supply compatible with Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3 i5 i7 and AMD Phenom

    After mail in rebate 89.99 and a free DvD player to add to my system. I think it will go along good with my case since the light from dark fleet going to be red, and the power supply is located on the bottom of the case.
  7. My Antec Case came in the mail yesterday while I was at work. My loving fiancee left my 9mm clip sitting on top of the box for me to find this morning. LMAO
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