1680x1050 res? 6770/5830/550Ti....

Oh please, someone help.

I've read up like a nutcase now seeing as everything keeps changing. Now.. I got and had an ATX 3D RADEON HD 5750 1gb.

FAIL! It broke. Well.. it was already broke. Trust me.. tried the whoooole self-built system. Everything's fine. The card was done in and kept stalling.

**So yeah. Now I wonder what with rubbishy drivers at the mo and a HUGE AMMOUNT of people complaining of the 5xxx and 6xxx series.. do I even GO AMD(ati) anymore?!

Now my other option.. go nVidia. But if I do that, then I can't enjoy 3D with cinema specs if I get the telly or monitor to do so, right?

Another thing.. right now I don't NEED IT TO BE 3D compatible. I would just like to be ready for it.

This means I'll consider anything of the 5xxx series, but considering I can get a 6770 CHEAPER than a 5770 then the 6xxx wins that debate hands down. They're the same card but the 6 series supports 3D through the 1.4 HDMI. So it wins as it's 20 quid cheaper.

Now.. the other fail is I've gotta do it through Amazon. I have 45 quid of vouchers to spend with, and I USUALLY get my cards off Aria, they're always cheapest. But Amazon it has to be, as the 45 quid is making a bit of a difference.

Now.. to fill all of ya in.

550Ti is 100 quid
5830 is 100 quid
6770 is 85 quid.

Obviously, the 45 quid would then be taken off so it's 55 quid or 40 quid.

Please, do help. AGAIN I STRESS if there is a severely good idea, I will go with it. I'll deviate from these cards without a problem. But I don't really want to go too much over the 100 quid mark, so 145 that gives me to spend on Amazon.

I'll happily take card advice, eg what ones better for not much of a price difference.

And FYI I'll play random games on it. From PESoccer 2011/12 and onwards to Modern Warfare 3 when its out, Black Ops, Crysis, TestDrive2 Unlimited..

I like to game a lot. I'm a casual gamer mind you. And I'd appreciate whatever it is it can handle either the 1680x1050 resolution OR full HD 1080p as my monitor supports up to 1050 and I have an LED super epic 40 inch telly for the 1080p which I'd also like to use :)

As for system specs..
PHENOM II x4 955 black ed (so OC'able)
GigaByte 880GM mini ATX with possible crossfiring if I wanted to go nuts - I believe it supports Crossfire & SLI.. yes!
650w true power supply crossfire/sli ready
8gigs (2x4gb) ddr3 1333mhz (oc allowed to 1600)

At the mo I don't see the point in xfire/sli, I'll see it though if I have whichever card is most epic at the moment for single slot then I can add another later :-)

Many, MANY thanks!!!

Really I want something reliable that I KNOW will work in my system. And yes, I know the 5750 should have been pretty minature compared to what I COULD use with a 650w and so much CPU and RAM power.

Also random FYI that I can upgrade another 2x4gb sticks into it for the future. Considering purchase of AM3+ board down the line but this system's only 9mths old lol

Cheers, Dave
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  1. How about the HD 6870? (142 quid)

    I think it'll max almost everything at that resolution
  2. Ah I know man, I was really thinking that.

    You think it'll definately trounce the competition then? I know there's not too much point to the 6850 as the 5830 beats it in speed but again its just as good..

    It's a shame the 6870's the only actual comparison that beats the 5830 in all aspects but is 50 quid deared. I'm considering the expense option but it's 50-50 at the mo as I'm buying a used car and indeed if I get one cheap enough I may even consider the double ram 6900 series but that's a long shot. If I have to spend for the new car then it's likely that I'll be spending about 50 quid :S so confusing tho with all the specs ain't it! lol!
  3. Yes, the 6870's a decent high-mid card, significantly better than those you listed. The 550 Ti is probably the best of the cards you listed above, but the 5830's pretty close, if not identical, in performance.
    2gb RAM isn't worth it, even on a 6970 if you end up going that way. It makes very little difference.
    All modern Nvidia cards can handle 3D.
  4. My thing was whether the nVidias handle cinema specs, not the stupid flickery cheap shutter glasses.

    There's not a chance in heaven or hell that I'd pay for shutter. The cinema ones, eg LG and Samsung, are just as cheap as the other tellys, but their glasses are about a pound EACH, AND the clarity is a lot better. I done a check, and indeed one of the LG ones you wouldn't know. It's like watching something out your own window it's that good! Seriously!

    So if it's for 3D and nVidia don't support the cinema glasses I don't wanna go nVidia.

    Plus really, the 6970's 185 quid. It has more stream processors and more graphical power, nevermind the actual 2gb. Specs are...

    Up to 880MHz Engine Clock

    2GB GDDR5 Memory

    1375MHz Memory Clock (5.5 Gbps GDDR5)

    176 GB/s memory bandwidth (maximum)

    2.7 TFLOPs Single Precision compute power

    683 GFLOPs Double Precision compute power

    TeraScale 3 Unified Processing Architecture
    1536 Stream Processors
    96 Texture Units
    128 Z/Stencil ROP Units
    32 Color ROP Units
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