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I flashed my bios today using Win Flash on my ECS Nforce 570 SLIT-A motherboard. I went to get a drink while it was flashing and when I came back the computer had auto restarted itself and looked like it was in a continual loop as it kept trying to read from my cd drive while the hard disk light was constantly lit up. I ejected the cd rom tray to see if that would make it stop trying to read it, however the tray auto closed after it fully opened. To top it off my monitor screen was now blank. I turned the monitor off and back on and noticed it said "no signal received".

After waiting 5 mins I turned the computer off manually and rebooted and still no image on the screen. The monitor still saying no signal. I have moved the video card to the other video card slot and still no image on the monitor. On boot now the screen is blank however the hard drive light cuts off after 30 seconds making me think its stuck at the screen where it says it can't find a keyboard hooked up (I don't have one hooked up right now).

Any idea on how to fix this? Or at least get an image on the screen?
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  1. Hello... Your WINFLASH failed... so now, ( since you can't get into Windows or BOOT ), You will have to try agian, but using a DOS bootable flash program. You will need to make your media bootable and the flashing program self executable... since you have no screen or keyboard use. Check with your Motherboard maker for best method.
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