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I'm planning to buy a custom made GeForce GTX 560 from Gigabyte/ASUS/MSI/Sapphire/XFX. These are the brands available in my country.

I've been searching through internet and forums to find required power supply for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560. There are so many different answers that I'm totally confused. Someone says a quality 450W will be ok, says minimum 500W, while another says going for 650W or even 700W!

Right now I don't have any dedicated graphics card. Here is my PC specs:

Inter Core i5-2400
Intel DH61WW Motherboard
2 SATA-2 HDDs (7200 RPM each)
1 DVD Writer
1 Fan with the casing
Thermaltake TR-2 500W PSU (70%+ efficiency according to Thermaltake website)

My PSU comes with only one PCIe 6 pin power connector. I know GTX 560 will require two, so I need to look for 4 pin to 6 pin connectors in board package. I bought the whole system in July 2011. My PC will be used for gaming upto 1920x1080 resolution.

My question is, do I need to buy a new PSU or my PSU is ok for my PC and GTX 560?
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    yes a quality 450w is enough.i would say a 500w from a reliable brand.xfx 550w is a sweet this time i won't buy a 560.7xxx are out.7850 is a good choice.much faster than a 560 and will be under $300(most likely).
  2. Yea, if your a AMD person, a 78750 will be good and performs on par or near on most things with a GTX 560 ti. but for a 560, a average 550 watt or 600 will be fine. ASUS and MSI is the brands i'd go with for the 560.
  3. WTF is 78750?LOLOLOL!!!!!
    i know it's a typo mistake!
    just messin ;0
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