I have just finished purchasing all the parts needed for my new HAF X build. I will put the computer together here in a few weeks and put up some pics. For now I would like to see some systems from you guys showing off your unique builds. If yall have a HAF X that would be even better. Basically I just want to see all of your cool computers and maybe get some advice/ideas on how to make mine look beast. I look forward to seeing yalls pics.

Here is my build:

CM HAF X Tower
i5 2500k
Cordair H70 cpu water cooler
MSI P67A-GD53 mobo
EVGA GTX 460 (thinking about buying a second)
Diablotek 600w psu (upgrading to a 1000w soon)
8gb corsair vengeance ram
Alienware Tactx keyboard
razer deathadder mouse
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More about pics
  1. You might to go to this thread.

    Yes, it don't have HAF X but other members rig's pics are here.
  2. Lemme get this straight... you spent as much on your case as your GPU?
  3. i actually bought the gpu way before i decided to build a new one...ill be udgrading but right now im low on funds lol
  4. Enjoy it.. Its a beast of case! Makes my CM 690 II look teeny tiny :)
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