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Hello, I really need help!!! I am a senior citizen and am very green at computers. My computer crashed after a blue screen (it flashed by so fast I could not read it). Then the on button started flashing amber/blue. I followed the remove battery from motherboard then hold down start button for 40 seconds then plug back in sequence and it rebooted. Now the current problem is that it must remain on it's side or it starts the whole flashing amber/blue. I cannot turn it of or put it into sleep without going through the whole remove battery sequence (the batter is brand new and I tried a second new one with same results). I'm afraid of a fatal crash before I can get all my files off.
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  1. Hello... you should replace battery with a new immediatly and no re-start without it... without the battery for 40 seconds could mean you cleared all BIO's information needed for your installed hardware to communicate to your motherboard... your may need to go into your BIO's and re-enter your hardware information for proper start up.
  2. The battery is really a minor issue in all this by the sounds of it. A flashing screen usually means a problem with the video card (or the onboard video). This is likely not a super easy fix, so if you are not comfortable digging around in computers you might want to take it to a local shop.

    If you are willing to give troubleshooting a shot, we will need your computer specs before we can offer any advice. If it was a pre-built, then the model number should be enough for most members to find out the rest of the specs. If it is a home-built machine, then we need information like the Motherboard, CPU, RAM and Video card model numbers.
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