New radeon hd 5670 low fps in games

I upgraded from a visiontek x1300 pcie 256mb card to a radeon hd 5670 2gb card and am having lower fps than my old x1300.

I have a Gateway gt5404

Windows Xp SP 3
2gb memory
Intel® Pentium® D 915 (Dual Core) 64-bit processor with EM64T Technology
250 gb hard drive
radeon hd 5670 2gb video card

I am gettting 9-15 fps in kotor 2 with textures on high anti aliasing off multi sampling off shadows off.... (Old card was 30+ fps)

I am getting 10-25 fps in world of warcraft with occasional frame spikes with setting on high (note that when settings are on low the same frame rates exist) (Old card was same as this)

I have updated to the latest drivers, I have turned down all the graphics rendering options in the ati control center to "performance".

I also keep track of my cpu usage while in the games it never goes above 70% and mem usage doesn't go above 60%.

I uninstalled the old drivers through the device manager.

I also ran a dxdiag and had no problems with the rendering tests besides the fact that the second render or the openGL was reall FAST.

Any help would be appreciated.

ok I just uninstalled the driver and my fps in kotor shot up to 60+ but when installing the driver it is >10 fps I dont know what the deal is.... wow also ran faster without the driver..... I did a hardware scan with the kotor 2 tool and it gave me this report on the video card when the driver is installed.

Video Card Name=ATI Radeon HD 5670
Video Memory=4096
Desktop Resolution=1024x768x32 @ 75Hz
DirectX=DirectX 9.0c (
OpenGL Version=Not Installed
OpenGL Vendor=(null)
OpenGL Renderer=(null)
ATI Driver=
Vid Card Status=Warning
Vid Card Driver Status=Fail
GL Status=Fail
DX Status=Pass
But it completely passes it when the driver is non existent.....Please help
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  1. I have updated the drivers from the amd website and it is pcie 2.0...

    Also please look at my edit as well as it contains more information.
  2. bmsz1234 said:
    (note that when settings are on low the same frame rates exist) (Old card was same as this)

    This is probably because of your old dual-core cpu. If you're raising graphic settings, but your fps isn't going down, it means your gpu isn't the limiting factor.

    For everything else, I'd download the newest drivers, uninstall (Catalyst has an option to uninstall that seems to work ok for me), reboot, reinstall and see if your problems still exist. 5670 is a pretty decent card (I used one for a while). It should handle most dx9 games at medium settings with good frames. Older games like kotor I don't think it would have any problem with high settings. I ran it fine on a 1.8Ghz Celeron D with a Geforce 7300LE, a card that's worse than current gen onboard video.
  3. Thank you for your reply I will try this.
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