BSOD's after installing SB Live!-->PLEASE HELP

I just built my new comp, works great... until I install the drivers for my SB Live! 5.1 Platinum. I run the SB Live install CD, it loads the drivers/programs etc. Seems fine. After reboot, startup takes a little long, then right when I think Windows is gonna start: Blue Screen/Fatal Exection. Every time. Windows will not load. So I uninstalled all the SB hardware software (in Safe Mode). Now my comp's working fine, but I want my friggin sound card.

Any ideas?? Is there a known issue with this, maybe?

System specs:

Thunderbird 1.2 GHz
Abit KT7A Raid
512 MB Crucial PC-133 CAS2
Prophet II GTS Pro 64MB
IBM 75GXP 45GB 7200rpm
PlextorWriter CD-RW 12x10x32a
Alpha PAL6035

and the SB Live! 5.1 Platinum.

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  1. Be carefull with the irq allocation. Try it in a different slot and see what happens. It sounds like you may be sharing an irq with your video card. I know on the asus a7v you want your sound card in pci slot 3. This may also be the case with your board, give it a shot.

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  2. Uninstall Liveware and just use the drivers.

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  3. Off your topic...but worthy... I have the same burner and upon install the drive defaulted to no dma in windows. I got my moneys worth of BURN-proof right away. I had to manually tell windows to use dma for this burner. So, use device manager to enable dma for your burner, it will work much better. You didn't say what os your running, I'm using win2k and I assume win98/me will act similar. Also, d/l the firmware upgrade from plextors website. They recommend upgrading the firmware w/o dma, so do that first. With dma enabled I can run many apps and do just about anything while burning at 12x with no problems (1 gig tbird with wd 40 gig hd)!! Just my 2 cents.
  4. The newest S/B Live drivers will resolve this or for a simple no software fix try the registry fix below, works for me every time.

    open the registry editor and the folder

    Hkey local machine\software\creativetech\deviceinfo\pci\ven_1102&DEV_0002

    add the following key to that folder


    the value of that key is 1

    so the actual registry entry should read MMX=1 in the reg folder described above.

    Please remember to back up your registry before doing this.
  5. DIE SOUNDBLASTER LIVE!!! You have had the same problem I had when I put this crap card in my PC. The only way around it for me after loads of driver installs and live ware etc... (and different PCI slots) was to make a backup of my documents, re-format my hard driver, then remove all the cards from the PC, including the graphics and then re-install one-by-one so I had a totally clean install of hardware and software. It solved the problem and everything worked fine.

    Unfortunatly, now several months after the Live is being a total bitch and and I am now gonna sell it. It doesn't have the fatal errors anymore, but the R/C and Analogue IN etc.. don't work properly, and sometimes not at all. The drivers are really screwed for this card.

    Try the clean install and just be careful of adding new hardware and software. That does seem to be the root of many problems. But As I said - crap drivers and poor hardware.
  6. You, mm2k, are very evil person… hehe, had so many problems with the card and now you are going to sell (get the money for the evil card) it to someone so they will have to deal with it the same way you did.

    Anyway, about the topic now: you DrOcto and the rest of knowledge seeking folks, be more specific in your questions. What kind of Windows you are talking about (95, 98, 98se, NT3.1, NT4, 2000)? All of them are having specific problems and all of them are working fine with the card if you have it installed into the slot 5 on KT7 board. I just had SB Live! Platinum 5.1 for a few days in my KT7 and it worked fine in 9x (with 2000 I helped the other guy to have it running). I switched 3 cards with the drivers in trying to compare Live! to MX300 and Ensoniq (generic one), so I shut the windows down, switch the card, turn it on again, do some music stuff, listen, and repeat the process again with different card, and did it for more than 3 hours in a row. Of course I returned the Live! but not because it did not work, but because it sounded like Live!less in comparison to the other ones I have.

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  7. It's easy: choose another slot for your soundcard.

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