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Cant delete files

ok i have 5 hdds up right now

c:\ - 120gb ssd
e:\ - 250gb hdd from 2006
f:\ - 1.5tb back up drive for G basicly
g:\ - 1.5tb drive that use to be my c
i:\ - 750gb usb drive that was never a main hdd

every drive but i use to have an os on it.

im going through F because i have very little space and decided i am never going back to a hdd boot. i am deleteing every applications i installed to the drive for the g drive when it was c and every game i am no longer going to play.

than i came to folders i cant delete, because i dont have "premission" or im not "administrator"

I am the administrator, and I never touched those once with this install...
one thing im trying to get rid of is the sony folder, which everquest is installed to. but i cant...

what the hell is going on? i have NEVER had this happen before to me with the exceptions that a program was actually running...

is this seriously telling me that i cant recover gb's of space for no good reason?
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  1. why don't you just format the drive ....... not reformat but format. right click on the drive letter.
  2. because it still has files on it that i cant move off the drive due to lack of space.

    all of these drives are less than 10gb left on it, besides the ssd witch is boot only, and the f drive, which only has space because i didnt keep up an up to date backup of everything.

    i need to remove files, any kind of format is not an option.
  3. Right click >>>Properties>>>Security tab>>> and check the permissions.
  4. you either need to buy a new disc or move stuff to a cd and then wipe the drive.
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  6. did you try to make a new file...... drag the file you want to delete into it and then delete the new file ?
  7. This thread made me laugh.

    Edit: If F drive is backup for G then format it. Also i cant seem to imagine the average user using more than 2 TB of data.(Too much you know what)

    But to help your problem, change the permissions for the file, or download malwarebytes free. It has a fileassassin tool which deletes files that are "locked". =o
  8. take ownership did the trick. thanks.
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