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How much better is i7 3960X than i7 3930K?

I am looking a buy a machine for 3ds max, how much difference would there be between these two chips for rendering and performance 32 GB ram Quadro 1000 graphics
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    The difference with this two are the X and the K.

    That's pretty much it.
  2. as someone said before : " If u Don't know Their Differences , Then u don't need them "
  3. The diff is exactly 100mhz and 3 megs l3 cache .. that is all they are both unlocked and to be honest they are blazingly fast..
  4. i would go with 3930k,overclock it and i am sure it will dewstroy 3936x.EE cpus are overpriced IMO.990x is a good was $1k(same as 3960x)but now 2500k($225)can beat it in no need to spend $1k on cpu.
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