Recommended GPU for this e8500 system?

G'day - first post even though I've found many answers on these boards.

I recently built a new system around an i5 2500K and xfire'd 6950's. I now have the old PC hooked up to the lounge room the kids/wife (1080p 55" LCD). Specs:

E8500 (not overclocked but has a Noctua NH-U9B on it, so may be worth considering now)
Gigabyte EP45-DS3L
4Gb of RAM
Corsair HX620W PSU

I'm just about to replace its existing 250gb 3.5 sata system drive for a 120Gd SSD (retaining the existing 500Gb sata) and upgrade XP to win7 but considered doing more. So close to building a new *cough* office PC, I know the wife isn't likey to allow a major refurb. Therefore I'm looking for advice on the right graphics card to modernise this system. It currently has a Radeon HD4870 that was showing it's age on Fallout NV (my son's fav non-LEGO game).


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  1. For a significant performance improvement, I'd start on this page (or maybe a 6850, but you only save $20 over a 6870):,3085-4.html
  2. 6870 or gtx560 at least I kinda feel that a 6850 would be to small of a jump
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