MSI 970A-G46 Windows 7 64bit raid drivers?

I am trying to get a raid setup on this otherboard and cant get a 64bit windows 7 installed. the disk that came with it has the drivers of 64bit and 32bit but only the 32bit ones are working during the boot. i have also tried deownloading the ones off of the site And still doe the same thing. if anyone has the drivers please place me a link for me to download them.
or any ideas of why the drivers will not load to do the install for windows 7 64bit.
Thanks in advance
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  1. do you have a 64bit processor? its sufficient to install the 32bit drivers for the installation to complete.
  2. I have a amd phenom II 960T which yes is a 64bit cpu. i had windows 7 64bit installed before putting the hdd in a raid.
  3. Im gonna attempt doing the cjipset drivers directly off amd site and hope they will work. will post back if it dont
  4. None of them took. I just installed W8 beta and works no problem but I much pefer windows xp even over 8 but want 7 most. so still open to ideas
  5. again its ok to use 32bit drivers, as long as the installation completes
  6. The installation will go through but the installation ends up blue screening on final;izing installation
  7. are u sure u have the 64bit windows installation disk? try going to safemode after restart or legacy driver mode
  8. it wont boot up likle thta it loads up just to start the installer and i do computer repair have copys of aio for that cause
  9. i have tried to use a windows 7 home premium also which is a standalone version and didnt work either
  10. OK u may have to rebuild our master boot record after installation. But first describe to me what exactly you do to install win 7 in steps
  11. Well i created the raid 0 array which is all scene in the bios. popped in the dvd of my windows 7 used my laptop to move the drivers to my usb with the 64bit and the 32 bit drivers. after i loaded them up from the installer and the 32bit ones work but after i load windows up it blue screens. the 64bit ones do not show at all. i downloaded them right off of msi website so i know they are most up to date drivers and working
  12. well i got a set of 64bit drivers to load up but not finding my drives for my raid will only find my external wich im using to load up the drivers
  13. zrafferty said:
    well i got a set of 64bit drivers to load up but not finding my drives for my raid will only find my external wich im using to load up the drivers

    which drivers ended up working?
  14. AMD RAID Drivers

    Extract the exe to a usb drive and use the 13-4_vista_win7_win8_32-64_raid\Packages\Drivers\SBDrv\SB8xx\RAID\W864A folder when selecting a driver.

    You may need to run the setup exe and yank the usb while it is running, else it deletes the temp dir you extracted to.
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