Computer Not booting up past the Welcome Page.

I had this Computer for a Month now and somethings started acting up and I don't know what it is. It might not be my computer parts but the OS itself. What happens is when I normally boot up the windows, I get pass the welcome part but when it shows my desktop, it does not fully load my Desktop and it just lags. I can move my mouse around but the windows is busy loading so I can't do anything on my computer. If I try right clicking on desktop or click on the start menu button, it just makes my whole screen little bit white then it says that my Explorer.exe is not responding and it gives me the option to "End Process" or "Continue to wait". If you guys don't know what happens when you End Process this, It will pretty much kill windows 7 and you are unable to do Anything. So my question is, What is going on with my Computer?

Problem: When starting up Windows normally, does not load the desktop (Icons and startup programs) so I can't do anything.

-Everything works fine when I go safe mode so IDK whats the problem. (EDIT: Can't even go on safe mode anymore. One time it said "winlogon.exe" error, what is that?)
-I did tried reformating twice already and I still have the same problem. (It might be because of the Windows Update that is killing my comp)
-I have tried resetting BIOS (CMOS reset) and adjusting ram but no good still
-Starting to get BSOD or errors on the welcome startup for windows (don't remember the error code)

Computer Specs:
CPU: i7-2600k 3.4 GHZ (4.5 Ghz OC)
Mobo : ASUS p8z68-v PRO
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100
PSU: CM Silent Pro Gold 800W
GPU: MSI Lightning GTX 580
HDD: WD 750gb 64 Cache 6g/s
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16g (4x4gb) 1600mhz
Case: Cooler Master Haf-X
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  1. If you can't go into safe mode then it's definitely a windows issue. When you install it initially does everything work fine? It's not until you use windows update that everything goes wrong?

    You can also try to repair your windows from the boot disk and see if that fixes it.
  2. It's not 100% that it's a software issue. It could memory, HDD, CPU too (that's a high OC). I would try running it at factory specs 1333 MHz ram with loose-ish timings and 3.4 GHz on the CPU. If the problem still persists it's either HDD (corruption or somesuch) or software.
  3. Remove the overclock and go back to stock settings. Then remove the GTX580 and use the internal graphics. Remove 2 DIMM's or even three. The point here is to remove everything you do not need to boot to the desktop.

    Now test to see what works. If everything works the way it is supposed to, plug the 580 back in. If the system doesn't work, either you have something wrong with the 580 or the PSU cannot support video card. (Yes, I know that you have an 800 watt power supply and it should be enough but it is a CM.)

    Now plug the rest of the memory in. If the system works, you have a problem with your overclock settings.

    If you get this far, start overclocking. Leave the memory on stock, default settings, or even adjust the memclock to DDR3-1333 speeds. Then just work with the CPU.
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