1080 p HDMI to DVI connected to pc but my monitor display is1360x768

is it compatible? would I experience future compatibility problem? my monitor is samsung 19' led.
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  1. Without fully understanding what you are saying and guessing that you have (or wanting to) a 720P resolution monitor displaying that resolution through HDMI/DVI connection! It is compatible and should not create any issues.
  2. first of all, thank you rolli59 for responding to my quest. what I would like you to note that my monitor's display resolution is 1360x768, I just bought a HDMI to DVI cable connector (HDMI from my graphics PCI-E card to DVI at my samsung PC monitor with a description in the packaging of 1080p which to my limited understanding speaks of resolution display. so my question is with the HDMI-DVI cable with 1080p resolution against my monitor's maximum resolution, would it not cause any compatibility problem in the future?. thanks for being patient with me.
  3. No the cable will not cause any compatibility issues it is designed to carry all resolutions that your GPU can output inclusive of 1080P (full HD). It should work just fine with your monitor.
  4. rolli59 thank you very much, and see you some other time. God bless you
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