CPU stuck to heatsink

I pulled out the heatsink yesterday and I realized my CPU was glued onto the heatSink. I have tried twisting it and it doesn't come off. Any tips?
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  1. try heating the heatsink to a degree , the "Thermal paste Silicon" will loosen and u'll be able to "Unglue" them
  2. Warm it up some as Skywalker suggests. Dribble some 91% isopropyl alcohol around the edges of it.
  3. Warm a butter knife and work the edges of the cpu to heat the Thermal Paste. As you do this, give the cpu a little twist. do not pull on it.
  4. Just gently twist (don't pull) the cpu, back and forth until it's loose. It might take a while, though, heating helps, but shouldn't be required.
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