Which is the best and super advanced tv tuner card

my name is karthick. my question is which is the best and super advanced internal tv tuner card. whether that tuner card is available in india or not. if any one know the answer please send it to at *removed email*
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  1. Posting your email is a great way to get spammed and have it hacked so i have removed it.

    You will be wanting a nice dual tuner card, it can record two shows at once, or let you record one and watch another. Hauppauge has some nice ones, i got my mother one for christmas last year and it has worked quite nicely.
  2. Hunter315 has recommended a good card. I used it with a Win7 Media Center system. It installed without problem, and has worked reliably ever since. However, I do not know whether is it available in India, or if it works with Indian broadcast/cable TV signals.
  3. Here is a guide to pc tuner


    It will provid details including what TV standard/format it supports (NTSC/SECAM,,etc)

    I had hauppage 2250 MCE since it first came out(~ 2008). It functions as my DVR, PVR... It records pretty good. The recording is limited by your HD. I have a 2Gbyte drive just for that function.

    It works well w/ Windows Media Center. The software that came with it WinTV7 is also runs well.

    Good Luck
  4. The Ceton InfiniTV4 TV Tuner Card. I doubt it's available in India. Internal PCI-Ex1 card. Four tuners.


    -Wolf sends
  5. Hey wolf... Will Ceton TV4 run w/o cable card? If i have un-sramble cable can i use this card as a regular tuner...4 HDTV tuner?
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