Troubleshoot MB after PS failure


Working system: Intel PS945PSNLK MB/D820 CPU/775 socket
PS ate itself.
Obtained new PS, confirmed good.
Stripped MB all cards/memory... and connectors and removed battery >15min.
now upon application of power, stripped as above except CPU in place and battery returned to socket, PS connectors attached; onboard standby power indicator light flashes green & onboard speaker clicks both ~4hz. removal of either CPU or 12v 2x2 connector allows normal PS and fan operation.

Bad MB/onboard component or CPU only?

Afraid to buy and insert CPU for test if MB is gone...

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  1. The system will not boot without RAM and will beep roughly like you describe.
  2. Thanks, Man,

    It does the same thing with RAM. Not trying to get it to boot, just power on and accept power. If I can get it that far, I'll install 1 stick RAM and video card & just try to see BIOS... (baby steps)

    there is no beep. The light flashes and the spkr clicks about 4x/sec (sync) - looks like a power oscillation indicating something's not right - just can't determine if MB or CPU is causing the oscillation.

    If CPU removed or 12v 2x2 disconnected (still no RAM), the light is steady green and all fans/PS run normally and spkr is silent.

    Either MB or CPU is bad - which?
  3. c'mon - nobody's ever seen this before - ?
  4. ok - for future reference, the CPU is fine, replaced MB and all's well...
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