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Hey All,

Obviously putting together a new system. Its somewhat budget oriented gaming pc. Here's what I have so far:

16 gig Gskill Ripjaw 1600 -

Gigabyte HD 6950

Cooler Master 212+ heatsink

I was thinking about going with the 2500k as my cpu based upon its awesome gaming performance and overclocking ability. Found it on sale on microcenter for 179.99.

Im looking for this computer to be a rock solid performer with the ability to be upgraded a few years down the road when it needs it without having to do a new build.

Should I go with that I5 or pickup a G620 and use that for a while until Ivy Bridge hits and is a good price?

Other than that need to pick up a case, psu, and mobo. Feel free to recommend those if you like

Thanks all :)
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  1. If ya have tight budget, I'd cut the RAM back to 8GB...the extra 8GB won't show a benefit in gaming.

    Tho I think the upgrade route's gonna have a lot less options than most peeps are expecting, your best bet would be a Z68 Gen3 based board with SLI/CF a minimum 3 year warranty such as this Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3 and put the 2500k in it.

    Newegg has a big sale on Antec cases right now:

    300 Illusion - $40 (normally $70)
    902 V3 - $90 (normally $115)
    DF-85 - $135 (normally $160)

    Another great buy is the Corsair 500D, normally $140 can be had for $115

    PSU - In the DF-85, then "no brainer" is the jonnyguru 10.0 performance rated CP-850 ($115) . In the others, I'd put the XFX Core Edition (9.5 rating) for $90

    The 850's will easily handle twin 6950's, 6970's, 560 Ti's or 570's. The factory OC'd Twin Frozr 6950's and 900 Mhz 560 Ti's are well matched as single cards .... but in SLI, the 560 Ti's top the CF'd 6950's buy 103 fps (862 to 759).
  2. I realize the 16 gb of ram is overkill, but i picked it up on a daily deal for a solid price. I'll probably try and sell off 8 gig to recoup some money.

    Can you elaborate on why you think the upgrade route is less desirable?

    As far as power supplies, do you think i need to go with the higher watts since I"m only running a single card atm? I might go sli in the future after a couple years when the 6950 needs a boost but not right now. Would a 650 be sufficient now and then as well as save me electricity costs in the meantime?

    was looking at a mobo like this:


    Still looking at the different case options
  3. and how bout this mobo:


    seems like its a pretty good bang for the buck. any thoughts?
  4. got the OS and the i5 2500k. now to figure out the mobo situation
  5. Are you considering to OC?
  6. Quote:
    Are you considering to OC?

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