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Currently I am only running 2gb of RAM in my computer, as 1 of the sticks is being sent back to g.skill to be replaced under warranty (it is shot). So I only have one stick of RAM in my computer atm and I obviously need more...the RAM will be doubled to 4gb total when my other stick is replaced...but my question is this. I currently only have one stick of RAM in so where should it be? My mobo has a total of four slots blue, black, blue, black...when I ran two sticks of RAM I had both sticks in the blue slots... cradles 1 and I assume this is dual channel correct?

I am currently shopping around as I want to increase my RAM from 4gb up to 12gb most likely...can I run a total of 4 sticks of RAM successfully and at their full capabilities? I assume I would set it up as follows... 2gb stick, 4gb stick, 2gb stick, 4gb stick from left to right. So that the sets of RAM are in the same color slots... I hope this doesn't sound too confusing. Basically I'm currently at 2gb (which cradle should this single stick be in?) but when g.skill is done replacing my old stick Ill be up to 4gb but am looking to add about 8gb more after that for a total of 12gb. Can I run 2x2gb and 2x4gb with perfect stability? And if so do they all have to be the same brand etc?

My mother board: Here
G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3-1600
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  1. To be dual-channel mode, same memory size (1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, etc.) and matched in symmetrical memory slots. You don't need to get the same brand and same timing/speed (MHz) specifications but they will run in the lower specifications if you have a difference sets of RAM.

    You are better get the RAM with same speed (MHz) and same CL instaed.
  2. Well I dont even really know what dual channel is tbh. My mobo is just set up with four slots for RAM and they are color coded 1, 3 and 2, 4 are the same slots. So when running two sticks of RAM I put them in slots 1 and 3. So you are saying if I ran 2x2gb and 2x4gb this would be just fine?

    By speed do you mean 1600? Like right now I have DDR3 1600 but I have no idea what the same "CL" means?

    G.Skill F3-128000CL9D-4GBRL
  3. In your RAM has the CL9 (CL=Cas Latency), So you should get the 2X 4GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) CL9 1.5V RAM.
  4. So I will be running two seperate kits of ram and I was wondering if everything would be compatible as well as run at full capacity/potential. I currently have in my computer 2x2gb planks of g.skill ram (I will provide links below) and just purchased 2x4gb planks of g.skill ram that will soon arrive, now I noticed on my motherboard that there are a total of 4 slots for planks of ram and they alternate color from left to right. I assume I should put the same sized plank of ram in every other slot (as to coordinate same ram in same ram color cradle on the motherboard) is this correct? If so, why is my motherboard like that? Is this what you consider "dual-channel"

    1)Will my 4 total planks of ram (2x2gb and 2x4gb) all be compatible and run well or should I just run the 2 planks of 4gb?
    2)Should I place my planks of ram in every other slot so that the same size ram is in the same colored cradles? Also, why is this?
    3)And finally does it matter which set of cradles I put the 2/4gb sticks in? As in should the higher ram be in the black or blue cradles?

    Both sets of ram are from the same manufacturer, both ddr3 1660, same CL, same 1.5v, and same timing except the 2x2gb have a "-2N" at the end (you can see on the newegg link) what does the 2N mean? 9-9-9-24-2N
    My motherboard: AMD Phenom II x4 955
    My current ram-2gb: 2x2gb
    Ram purchased-4gb: 4x4gb
  5. I have heard a few people suggest that you should only run one kit of ram when possible, as different kits may or may not "play nice" with one another. I mean can I run these two kits effectively for a total of 12gb or ram or would you suggest running just the 8gb kit itself?
  6. How would I place this ram? Equal memory on channels or same memory same channel?
  7. UP
  8. It is ture sometime you have the problem with two difference RAMs, but the change is low if like you have the good brand RAMs.

    If you use the PC for game or regular usage then 8GB (2X4GB) is moer than enough, but if you need more RAM for something else, you can install the 2x4GB RAM first then add the 2X2GB RAM later to see you can boot up the PC or not.
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