Cpu is normal but hdd light stays on

Hello, my CPU usage can be under 10% but HDD light is active and stuck on, I have virus scanned my PC multiple times, but the problem is still not resolved, I am thinking about re-installing windows, could this be a permenant fix?
However when I first installed windows 7, There was a harddrive error, but nothing seemed to be effected by this
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  1. Installing Windows XP now, will tell if problem is resolved.
  2. Did you build the PC yourself, or did you buy it?
  3. If the system has trouble seeing the hard drive for any reason, the led will get stuck on(but if that is the only drive in the system, it will also freeze up).

    It is also important to know that Windows 7 will be working to index/organize/cache file the drive as well as do many other activities. It should settle down.
  4. I did buy it, but the previouse owner had refurbished it.
  5. I don't care how old this thread is, I just had to say thank you to Nukemaster. I've been looking for a solution to this problem for a while and I just couldn't work it out. Then he said "If the system has trouble seeing the hard drive" then it will cause problems. Then it occurred to me I had several virtual drives run through MagicDisc mounted, and sure enough removing them was the cure!
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