Gaming during thunderstorm - did I damage my PC?

I was gaming last night, and since I had headphones on I didn't notice that there was a thunderstorm outside. After about 1 hour, I heard the thunder, and I shut it down normally.

I have my PC connected to a UPS. When I checked the UPS's LCD display, it didn't show any new "Events".

Do you think I damaged my computer by using it during a thunderstorm?
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  1. Does your PC still turn on?
  2. If you did the shut down yourself - you should be OK.
  3. silverliquicity said:
    Does your PC still turn on?

    Yes. I also ran chkdsk on my hard drives and they didn't show any errors.
  4. Your UPS should have protected you during the storm
    -> but shutting down was the smart move.
  5. You would have noticed if it got damaged lol
  6. Well it sounds like your PC is fine.

    If you had a problems one of the first victims of a lightning would be your power supply.

    Just remember a UPS is useless in deflecting or stopping lighting.
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