Which gaming custom computer company to go with?

I have a simpe question. If I were to buy a custom gaming computer that is made by a company, which company should I buy from? I know if iPower.com, cyberpower.com and other companies, just cannot figure out which one to go with. Thanks.
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  1. Look em up on resellerratings.com

    Tho, frankly I'd either build myself or get a local guy I can go back to.
  2. Best advice I could give, if you feel you must go prebuilt, find a reputable, recommended shop in your area. Get an idea what you wish to spend, maybe go to cyberpower or others, get an idea what the system with the components you want will run you. But a reputable shop will be able to give you advice.

    Allow the shop to build it for you, see if they will help you select parts whether they sell them, buy them elsewhere, etc. But you know if you have problems, you can go back to them for help. And they should take the time to test it to be sure things are in working order. Maybe even check with guys on here to see what a good build looks like(guys here will show you newegg.com and tigerdirect.com prices), if going local, those prices probably aren't to be expected. But I know with custom builds, some guys have local places they go to get parts, so if there is a problem with parts, they may be able to swap them back over quickly.

    You might consider building yourself if you are comfortable to save some $$.


    Keep in mind also, local shops have a reputation, and depend more on their customers than companies like cyberpower, etc. Meaning if you have problems, they are more likely to be of assistance. But larger companies might tell you tough luck.
  3. I am trying to upgrade the computer I have now, I spent about $600 already and I am running into issues. I am just thinking to cut my losses now and just get someone else to build me one. How do I find a good shop by me though? I live in Sun City West, AZ. lol
  4. OK, now I need help finding a local computer building/repair company. Any ideas?
  5. First I would go with this website but they tend to be high priced.
    Secondly for more of a budget go with this brand.
  6. I am buying mine through http://www.custompcandrepairs.com/ The only thing that made me mad is i took the time to go through there configurator and it didnt work/didnt have exactly what i wanted. They make up for it though, i emailed the support email and ended up getting a price guarantee so i pretty much named my price lol. I am thinking about buying a second system from them for $7500 with my xmas bonus :-)
  7. CyberPowerPC is good and bad. Sometimes if people have bad luck their systems come broken, Case dents, etc. Also their computers come with incorrect parts sometimes. But if you check out this site you'll be suprised: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/CyberPower
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