Slight display issue

Hello, I have an issue with my video it seems. I am pretty stumped on what the issue is, but it's a very slight color distortion. You can't even notice it until you look at something with some form of hair or skin tone. Than the skin is extra orange or the hair has no detail and is smudged. In some cases there are text issue where the text is a slight brown or orange color. I have tried reinstalling my display drivers. I'm pretty sure this issue popped up when installing a driver. here's a link to what it looks like for me. Look at the picture in the right hand corner. notice the slight color or shading issue. Thanks in advance!

Also, the card is only about 3 weeks old.
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  1. Go to video settings in Catalyst Control Center and set everything to default.See if that helps.
  2. Nah, didn't work =/
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