Confuse installing ati catalyst

I have mobo msi 870ag54(AMD chipset 870) and vga ati radeon HD 5770, both of them have the same driver (ati catalyst), so what should i install?? from my msi mobo? or from mya ati vga? please help!
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  1. Your OS??64bit or 32 bit??
  2. 7 32
    so this driver will insall both my amd chipset and my ati vga?
  4. It won't install anything other than your display driver.For other chipset drivers like LAN,SATA,RAID etc use your motherboard CD.Or you may get it from here:
  5. the south bridge is ati catalyst again? is it ok to install it again? cause i have already instal the display driver that u give
  6. yes its ok.Just make sure it doesn't install the display driver again.Generally it offers you two mode express and custom.Use the custom mode and deselect the display driver.
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