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I was wondering if there is a way to make a program active for all users on an XP machine. I have motherboard monitor running under my account, but it isn't active when another user is using the machine. I have mbm set to shut down the system if the cpu gets too hot, and I would like to have this protection whenever the computer is on, no matter which account is currently in use.

Any ideas?

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  1. yes, I would also like more info on users management, it seems to me that the user admin on xp isnt 100% as it ought to be, I have several users on my main system, me being themain user, most of what I install comes on all users profiles, and some things on their desktops, but others dont

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  2. Put it in the startup folder for each account.

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  3. Put em in the startup folder for All Users...
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Startup Menu

    (there's gotta be a way to install for all users too - but ???)
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  4. "Start" menu vs. "Startup" menu
    Hmm... :smile: (J/K)

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  5. shut up techie!

    Since A lot if the programs I install run as a service when the system boots, the start/startup folder isnt an option, I think mbm runs as a service also, I suppose it would work, but how about when one user installs a program, and it appears on everyones start menu, and shortcuts appear on everyone elses desktop?

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  6. Unfortunately, I think the only thing you can do is just go to each user's Desktop and Start Menu settings and delete the shortcuts manually.

    As for mbm, it doesn't have to run if you don't want it to. What I do is first disable it in Internet Options > Advanced tab > Browsing > "Disable script debugging". Then, in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services, I stop the service, then set it to run Manually.

    I honestly wish that each install would have a feature if you want to install to everyone's profile, or just yours/Administrators. Not just XP, but Win2000 as well...

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  7. What seems to be missing in this thread is use of the snap-ins under the MMC (Microsoft Management Console.) You can do just about anything to a user's account that you prefer with the Console when logged in as the Administrator. This includes adding or shutting down specific services, customizing desktops, choosing which programs that a user can run, etc. You can use a pre-existing snap-in, or create your own.

    Type MMC at the Run line, and click Help under the Action menu. Then start reading, boys.


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  8. OooooO! Nice one!

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