CPU overheating in new build plese help!

Ok so Im trying my first htpc build and I got everything up and running until I went into the bios to change some settings and I was curious as to how hot this thing would get. On my first build I had an aftermarket cpu cooler Scythe SCBSK-2000 the idle temp was 65C. Im not sure if thats normal for this kind of cpu or not. So I decided to switch to the stock fan and the idle temp is around 50C idle. They also both had artic silver on them. Being such a small case Im not sure how to help air flow and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I thought about using a liquid cooling method for the cpu but Im trying to save some cash. Also all these temps are from the bios I was about to install windows 7 x64 but I decided to hold off until I could figure out this temperature situation.

Ok here are the parts I have for my build

mobo- Asus F1A75-I DELUXE FM1 A75

case- SilverStone SG05BB-450

Ram- corsair xms 1600Mhz 2x2gb

dvd- slim dvd optical drive

cpu cooler- stock

CPU- AMD A8-3850 Llano 2.9GHz Socket FM1
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  1. most modern processors should idle in the mid 20's to low 30's, and move on up to the 50's-60's under a load. Make sure that when installing your heatsink that you are applying even pressure and using a minimum of thermal paste/grease to get the job done (roughly the size of a small pea). If you use too much, too little, move the heatsink too much during the install, or tighten down too much on one side before doing the other side, then it will cause heating issues.

    The other option is that you have a bad processor, or the temp gague on the mobo is wrong.
  2. The review I see shows at full load the APU in question doesn't break 45C with an aftermarket cooler.

    I will suggest you remove the heatsink and clean off the thermal paste and reapply it.
  3. Im thinking it could be a mobo issue because it shows the motherboard at 32c while the cpu is in the 50C
  4. ok I went ahead and reapplied the thermal paste and Im still getting the same temp readings between 50C and 60C in the bios. You could could probably cook eggs on the cpu I went ahead and touched it and it could prob burn you so Im thinking its not the mobo. Im guessing a faulty cpu?
  5. I have a similar configuration (F1A75-I & AMD A8-3850) and I'm getting the same results that you've posted. Mine idles around 65C just with the BIOS loaded. Have you found the problem yet? I've attempted to re-mount the fan several times and even bought another processor to see if I had a bad one. Unfortunately, even with all of the changes, I have not been able to resolve the over-heating issue.
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