Opinion on Work & Gaming Rig Before Building

Approximate Purchase Date: Mid-December - Early January

I asked for a build suggestion a couple weeks ago. I was decided on the components but I suddenly had a slight increase in funds. So here is what I came up with.

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Maya, Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro), Gaming (BF3, MW3, most are FPS.)

CPU: i7 2600 or i5 2500k
MOBO: Asrock z68 Pro3 Gen3
CASE: Cougar Solution ATX Gaming Chassis
PSU: Corsair 600w CX600 V2 Builder Series
HDD: 500gb caviar blue (will SSD later on)
*RAM: 16GB Vengeance (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9)
*GPU: Sapphire 6970 Dual Fan

*Currently in hand.


I haven't bought them yet, but by next week I might be able to build it.

I've searched for posts regarding the CPU. A lot of posts says the i5-2500k is enough to handle my needs, including rendering and such. So I'm thinking if I should get the i7 with HT, or just the i5.

Should I be worried of my PSU, too? I changed it from an HEC Raptor to that Corsair. I'll buy everything in one go locally.

Thank you in advance!
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  1. Update: I already bought the 6970, all I have to worry about now is the CPU.
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