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my memory card has corrupt data and i cant delete it help
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    > my memory card has corrupt data and i cant delete it help

    Try formating it. Some games have an option to format memory cards.
    Unfortunetly, I don't know off hand which ones do. Action Replay Max,
    Sharkports, and probably most of the other similiar stuff also allow you to
    format memory cards as well. (Don't know why Sony didn't put a format
    function in the PS2's memory menu.) If it won't format, then it's toast.

    As others will also advise, stick to using only official Sony memory cards
    as much as possible. Third party cards can often get a little squirrely. I
    have one of those "Max Memory" cards that I previously used for mass
    storage, but lost data twice with it. I now do all my mass storage game
    saves on a laptop.

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    I have also lost data on my Max card...noe I periodically back up the
    original...I had to get all the licenses again. Pain in the butt.

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