What is AC97?

I see this on a lot of new motherboards and am wondering what it is. They associate it with sound so it a integrated sound chip or a controller or what does it do and what is it. If this is on a motherboard does that mean I dont need a sound card or have to disable it if I want to put a SB live card it? Any help, I'm new to this building stuff.
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  1. AC97 was an Audio Standard that was established to put on motherboards that would be compatible with the ATX motherboard layout as well. This eliminates the need for an external soundcard, but as usual the AC97 sound usually leaves some to be desired, as it is a simple OEM solution in most cases. If you add a sound card than you should disable the onboard sound within the BIOS of the motherboard. You don't have to disable it, but I recommend to avoid any system incompatibilities.
  2. Thank you, that is what I wanted to hear. So since it says optional sound does that mean I can get a board without this on it? The board im refering to is A7M266 from Asus.

    Someday I will stop asking all the questions!
  3. 2013 bitches... my case has an "AC'97" cable and idk where to plug it in.
  4. SuperSoviet said:
    2013 bitches... my case has an "AC'97" cable and idk where to plug it in.

    yeah idk where to put mine
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