My fan stays on minimum all the time

Hello, I own an Asus K53 SV-A1 laptop. This comes with an intel Core i5 2410M CPU, 6GB RAM, GT 540M GPU and 640GB HDD.

I installed the nvidia driver 295.73 a few weeks ago, and it seemed to be working fine. However, starting a few days back, the laptop started to have trouble running all sorts of games. The FPS dropped significantly, the graphics settings had to be lowered but still was lagging.

I noticed that the fan was on minimum the whole time.

Does anyone know what's going on? Is there an EVGA precision type of software I can use to track my fan speed?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. on my board i have xfan which is part of the ai suite, but i dont see it for yours. do you already have
    Power4Gear Hybrid Utility
    hopefully there will be fan control in there
  2. I have almost no experience at all with Nvidia cards, but I know you can create custom fan profiles very easily with a number of tools for AMD cards. If I were you, I'd hit Google for the Nvidia equivalent.
  3. Thanks guys,

    Randini no I don't have that mode but I think installing the 296.10 driver solved it. Not 100% sure but FIFA 11 and Starcraft II seems to be fine now.

    Willard I tried that, unfortunately I don't think there is a software for the Nvidia mobile chipsets T_T

  4. i have a desktop so i dont know if it matters, but for my gt430 and my new hd 6670 i use msi afterburner, wich gives you control over fan speeds
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