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I'm thinking of coming back to pc after a difficult relationship with a certain black japanese made box. I need to upgrade my pc as it isn't powerful enough. I used to build pc's with my dad, but now I'm older and have a salary I'd quite like to build one on my own. Can anyone please suggest a motherboard, processor and memory combination that would be powerful enough to game/ work for the next 2 years or so, but still reasonably inexpensive. Thank you!
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  1. Any i3-2xxx processor and 1155 motherboard with a midrange Nvidia/AMD card will serve you well as a gamer and work computer. For example:
    Graphics card:

    ... will only set you back around $350 USD and be an adequate gamer up to 1920x1080. With the hyperthreading capability of the dual core i3 processor, you will have quad core speed in most business/gaming applications. I would consider this a good starting point. Of course, you can spend more...
  2. Please fill out form at the top of the forum on how to ask for a build advice so we can have better understanding
  3. ^+1. Cant really recommend anything without knowing the exact requirement and budget atleast.
  4. w/o knowing your budget, it check out Tom's System Builder,3033.html

    It has a 2000 1000 and a 500 dollar build. Combine them to fit your budget. They are all good builds
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