My computer wont boot after put new cpu cooler

my computer wont boot after put new cpu cooler ,Cooler master x dream k641?that cpu cooler got 3 pins and i donnow which one should i put cpufan1 or sysfan1
fan working,led light on,graphic card fan working power supply working ,but monitor no signal and keyboard and mouse no light someone can help me?....please....
my computer spec...
amd athlon x2 64 5200+=processor
k9n2gm =msi motherboard
4 gb ram kingston
ati radeon hd6670
450watt power supply
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  1. Plug your 3-pin CPU cooling fan into the mobo's CPU_FAN1 port. I know, the mobo port is 4-pin. But look closely. The fan's 3-pin female connector has a groove on its side. The mobo's 4-pin male port has a tongue on it lined up with the first 3 pins. They only fit together one way.

    If you have NOT had your CPU fan plugged in here, that may be why it won't start. Many mobos check the CPU fan speed signal. If the fan appears not to be working at all (that's what no speed signal will look like), the mobo shuts down immediately to prevent you from damaging your CPU by overheating with no cooling. In a few cases there may be a reason for not connecting the CPU cooler here, and for those cases the BIOS often has a setting to ignore this protective feature. But you have no such reason, so plug into the CPU_FAN1 port.

    Once it's running, you should go into the BIOS Setup screens and check in the area of Power Management and System Health. Check the details of how the CPU cooling automatic system is set. Some mobos with a 4-pin port ask you to set whether you have plugged into it a 3-pin or 4-pin fan, so they can adjust their fan speed control system to match. Others detect the fan type automatically. The point is, you want automated fan speed control so it will change fan speed according to the actual temperature measured inside the CPU case. That way you should find that the CPU fan is running slowly at idle, but speeds up when you start doing a lot of work.

    Within the System Health area there is a screen which will show you the CPU temperature and the CPU cooling fan's speed. You can check these in the BIOS Setup screens, but not while actually using the machine. For real-time readouts you'll need some utility program that runs under Windows to show you such data. Maybe there is one included on your mobo's CD of tools and software, so check your manual and the CD docs.
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