What is the max. safe speed for burning a CD ?

At what speed should you burn an audio or data CD to take full advantage of a CD-RW's speed but also to ensure the CD to work ?

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  1. It depends, there are 2x, 4x and 10x CD-RW.

    You can use 10x CD-RW only in the newest burners.

    If you burn a 2x CD-RW at 4x, you will only be able to read it in the burner, and not in other drives.
  2. I usualy burn 8x CD´s at 12 x, but they have to be a reliable brand (Usualy Mitsui!), and they won´t give any problem!
    As for less reliable media, at 10x (Memorex, TDK,etc) they don´t give problems also!
    But right now your question doesn´t have sense, because there´s already 16x CD´s on the market (TDK and Imation at least!)! If you buy them you´ll be able to burn at any speed!
    My experience says you can burn CD´s at least 2x the top speed it is recomended without damaging the CD!

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  3. I didn't understand your question at first.

    I have been able to burn every kind of CD media at 12x.

    So far the only problem I've had with cheapo CDs (network brand) is that after a month or two you cannot read them anymore.
  4. You can burn at top speed, but use good media and make sure that the media will support that speed burning.

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