Ping Problems.. Bigpond.

I'm raging a bit right now,
I've been playing Modern Warfare 2 online, and I can't join most games because my ping is too high.. like above 300ms
and whenever I ring Bigpond (I've rung 4 times and spoken to a supervisor) they just tell me its "out of their hands and they can only fix speed" So i don't know what to do,
I've got a Netgear DGN2000 Router and am on their most expensive plan, ADSL2+ 200GB for $150 a month (includes calls)

Help would be great thankyou :)
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  1. It looks like it is one of netgear's worst, here seems to be a big heat problem which might contribute to your issue.

    Someone on another site wrote this:

    "Did run very hot and have DHCP issues and drops when I initially fired it up. I had it flat like all the other stuff. But.. I went online to Netgear forums and the consensus was to at any cost, stand it on end. It seems awkward when you have some wired connections, but it runs very stable now."

    Hope this will help
  2. Hmmm, well I've tried that just now.. ill soon find out if it worked.. so is it a router or Bigpond issue? Becuase I've got 2 year warranty on the router.
  3. the IP for bigpond seems to be in Australia.

    from the US it pings at around 250

    as you said it could be either or.

    so by cooling the router you have the control to rule out one.
  4. I stood up the router.. no success.
    Hmm.. so you say US to Australia is the problem...
    how can i fix this.. I mean its just COD it shouldnt be this laggy.. other people have no problem that live near me.
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