Using wireless connection from pci card to share into a router

I'm connecting to the internet through wireless on my pci card through a desktop pc and I want to share this connection into a WRT54GL. Is this possible?
I've tried bridging the connections and using a crossover cable into the router but I haven't been able to access the internet when using this secondary wireless connection.

The connection looks like this

Wireless desktop pci >> ethernet nic on desktop >> wireless router
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  1. see if changing the LAN IP of the router will make it work.

    log into your router and change the LAN IP to
  2. I changed the network bridge ip to and the subnet mask to but i'm still having no luck on the wireless network connecting to the net. any more ideas.
  3. the router you have can be update with DD-WRT firmware to work as a bridge repeater.

    the way it will work is that you will configure the router to connect to your wireless connection and have your two computers connect to the router wired or wirelessly.

    the conversion does not take more then 30 min of your time and you do not have to be a computer genius
  4. awesome, took me a couple of minutes once that was installed! You are (pardon the pun) a gem!
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