I want good 750 Watt Power Supply


I want 750 Watt Power Supply that has Good Cables & ATI Crossfire Ready
half modular Or full modular Cables

I want to use it with 600T Case

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  1. ^+1 on the NZXT PSU as I have that very same one and so far has been giving me no problems and looks really good quality-wise. It is half modular but you most likely will need the cables they have fixed in anyways so it won't be a big deal to have it half-modular. Anyways, the cables are black too so it will look nice and yes it is very rock solid as it has a 100% Japanese capacitor and is Seasonic built.

    The link provided above however is for the 650W model.
    Here is the 750W one:


    If you want, there is also a HALE90 series NZXT PSU that is even higher rated in quality and energy usage. It will cost more but I think it is worth it. Take a look:

  2. Corsair TX750 v2. I've had two of these and they're great. Quiet and reliable and the price can't be beat at $105 right now.

  3. I have been using this one for over a year in my rig, (check signature) and it has been perfect. Its basically the same as the one in the post above, but with a "gold" rating.
  4. Also XFX 750, also Seasonic built.
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