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I currently have AMD Athlon II x3 435 2.89ghz, ASROCK M3A770DE motherboard and Radeon HD 6850 graphic card.
I am looking to upgrade the CPU but keep the same motherboard and graphics card, can anyone here let me know what would be the best one, It needs to be AMD.
price range £100 to £150 GBP.

thanks in advance for any information.
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  1. Hello criticaldean;

    The X3 435 is a pretty decent match for a HD 6850 graphics card.

    What resolution is your monitor?
    What games are you looking to improve the performance on?

    THG Gaming CPU Hierarchy Chart
  2. Your motherboard can support an X4 980 or X6 1100t. Both would be a pretty big step up from your current CPU. I have no idea about their availability in the UK (or your retailers). This is a good option. All you have to do is change the CPU multiplier in the BIOS to 18.5 to match a stock X4 980 - maybe up the CPU voltage a tiny bit as well to keep it stable.


    An X4 980t offers similar performance and easy overclockability in the same price range. Its also compatible with your motherboard. You might have to update the BIOS.


    Either one at stock will be about 20-35% faster in games than your current CPU. Overclocked (they both have unlocked multipliers - Black Editions) they'll be much faster.
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