Should I add a PCI video card in a 3 monitor gaming/browsing setup?

Hello everyone,

I am pushing two 560Ti's in SLI. I was wondering, if do not want to compromise my graphics performance (sharing resources) on the center monitor (Gaming) and I use the the left and right monitors for browsing and light video/music or to display performance stats; would I be better off adding a PCI video card (only slot I have left) and moving the side monitors to it? I run all my screens at 1920x1080.

If so, when adding the PCI card does it have to be nvidia too?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. yes you can add a PCI card and run other displays

    One thing is that it has to be Nvidia
    and also you need something relatively newer
    which could be a problem with PCI cards

    I had an FX 5500 PCI running with a 7600 GS years ago
    the issue was since there was two drivers
    that games didnt want to play because the DX version and OpenGL versions
    were older on the FX 5500 so the games wouldnt load up

    with that said
    I am not an expert at SLI

    check out this link on NVidia website

    it might help
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