Bud ram after win7 update

First of all ecxuse me if the problem is solved in other post, but nothing seems like my problem.

A friend of mine asked me to format his 5years old desktop and install win 7 (used to run win vista). I installed win,7 drivers, other programs... the pc working perfectly for 3 days. After a win7 auto update I tried to reboot the pc and then it could not open. No monitor signal, no beeps at all, guess no bios. I searched in web for solutions and it seems that is something with rams. I unpluged all 2 sticks of ram and I had the correct beep code. I tried to swap the sticks in any compination and the pc is booting normaly with the one stick of ram pluged (only with the one of the two and not with the otheronly only pluged). It seems that the other is something like burned. The motherbord (asrock 4Core1600-D800) has only two slots of ram white colored. I also tried to clear the cmos, change the speed, voltage and clock of rams in bios (pluged the correct ram and then reboot with both of them pluged). Tried to update bios (but no correct drivers error message)

Now the questions:

Could the ram got burned like that? No overclocking, no overheated, nothing needing to much memory, no blue screen, no error messages, while rebooting????

Is there anyway to check that memory if burned (got not any other compitable motherbard).

Is it any possibility to have bad motherboard ram slot now on after burning the ram and could not work with other ram?
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  1. Yes ram can go bad. It's uncommon. And yes, the slot can also go bad. If the other stick does not work in the slot that DOES work then clearly it's the ram. Good news: ram is cheap. Just go get some more, max out your machine's ram and consider getting a SSD. When replacing ram, be sure you are grounded so that static does not damage the memory when you are replacing it.
  2. thnk you for quick reply

    I know that is cheap (about 20$ in Greece)
    But is there any other possibility to check bad slot. Its pointless to get it with but slot.
    If I put the other one on the (propable) bad slot I get beep code of no rams pluged
    Is it in cause of dual chanel setting? can it be changed to just check the other one?
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