Ultra microfly temp read problem

So I'm having an issue with my newly built system. I've gotten everything set-up and installed the way i want but I can't get the LCD temp display to show my CPU temp... it either sayd H°C or L°C... anyone have any thoughts or ideas?
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  1. okay so I did a bit of research and found that part of the issue may be my probes... i got the case off of Ebay - the probes are exposed metal. is that normal? I've got them tucked between the blades of my CPU heatsink but still not temp reading... I can't sell this thing with that kind of problem!!
  2. There is a picture of the sensor here. It looks like it's encased in amber plastic, but I can't be sure what I'm seeing. Does it look like the one you have?

    You wanted guesses, so I guess H is high and L is low.
  3. I've seen that picture too, my leads are bare metal - any idea how I can replace that plastic? electrical tape or something?
  4. You could dip it in epoxy, but I'll bet it's broken. Wouldn't you expect it to read out ambient just sitting there?

    They have an e-mail address and a toll-free phone number.
  5. part of me thought it was broken too but the H-L readings give me hope... also if I pinch both between my finger I get a reading... it's negative 27 or so but hey - it's something! I'll give them a call tomorrow though!
  6. well I gave Ultra a call last night - the guy I spoke to was very insightful but his suggestions did not help out with my problem...
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