Asus p8z77-v pro problem

I recently bought a Asus p8z77-v pro mobo and am having problems with the DRAM light.

I have the mobo sitting on the box with the 24 pin mobo, 8 pin cpu and the speaker and power button headers connected. I am using an i5 3570k cpu and a corsair tx 850 m psu.

The DRAM shows solid red, indicating there is a memory problem but i have used 3 different memory modules on of which was on the QVL list. I have used the mem ok button, the jumper and removing the battery methods and none hav worked. I have even RMA the mobo and they sent it back to me saying nothing was wrong, charging me £40 and I am no further forward.

Could it be the cpu or psu?

I am a first time builder and this is really demoralising so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It could be a CPU issue, but I would firstly make sure that the RAM stick is properly inserted in the RAM slot (test with only one RAM stick installed and check each slot). A local shop might also help with testing the components.
  2. What would be a reasonable price for them to test the components
  3. It depends. Check some shops on the Internet to make an idea
    Do you have a case speaker (beeper)?
  4. yes i have a case speaker and i am getting no post error sound when the ram is installed, just the red DRAM light
  5. Try with only CPU and CPU fan installed. You should get 1 long 2 short beeps.
  6. i get that error message if there is no ram installed in any of the slots. when i do have the ram installed however there is just a solid DRAM light and no error message

    also for anybody suggesting places to take my pc i am based in glasgow, scotland
  7. Now install only one RAM stick. Make sure it's properly inserted. Check thoroughly. However, don't push very hard.
    Since there are no issues with CPU socket bent pins, then it's either a CPU issue, or the RAM stick is not installed all the way in. Sometimes a little more pressure is needed (don't exagerate though).
  8. when i install the ram do i need more pressure after the end latch has clicked into place ?
  9. Usually, no. Still the DRAM led lit? Did you use BIOS flashback?
  10. when i sent it for rma the guy who tested it updated the bios and had no problems getting it to display, i'm thinking the problem must be between the psu and the cpu because they are the only two differences between his test and my test.
  11. If the price for RMA-ing the CPU is less than a components test, you can try RMA-ing it. Or if under 30 days and the reseller accepts returning it...
  12. good idea, just incase, instead of having to pay for another rma return. I didnt use the stock fan so it still has pre-applied tim, i can just clean off the tim i used on the heatsink and send it back.
  13. ok, i got it to post and i can enter the bios. There is a single ram module in slot B2. The system will also post when the RAM is in slot B1. However when the RAM is in slot A1 or A2 the system will not post. Ill be getting another memory module tomorrow so I can check if i can use dual RAM sticks. My worry is that I will not be able to. I have been reading around and this problem is usually related to bent pins apparently.
  14. When unable to use one or more RAM slots, it could be a short, a slot issue or CPU socket bent pins.
  15. Its not a short as it was doing it when outside of the case. Can I bend the pins back if it is bent pins?
  16. It depends. Sometimes they can be straightened.
  17. I'll test the ram tomorrow when i get it, if it doesn't work I'll check for bent pins.
  18. The issue is resolved. It was a bent cpu pin.
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