What is a good gaming router to buy?

Need some help in deciding what gaming router to buy? I have to PC's in my home office that i want to link to the router (wire ir wireless). One PC I jsut use for work and the other I use for gaming. I play alot of online multiplayer games such as COD, Starcraft, BF Bad Co. Can anyone suggest a good gaming router?

Here is what I am running my gaming PC!!

Vista 64bit Home
i7 920 2.67
Asus P6T (not the deluxe model)
Corsair XMS3 6gb DDR3 Memory
Samsung 1tb Sata & 300gb Sata
Memorex 16x-ddl-in scsi CDrom
Corsair 850tx power supply
Haf 932 tower
EVGA GTX570 1028mb GDDR5
BENQ XL2410T 24" LED 3D monitor

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Also, I don't want to spend more than $70 to $100!
  2. linksys E2000
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