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I have an ASUS P5K Premium/WiFi-AP Motherboard LGA 775 DDR2 Intel P35 Express ATX. It is not booting anymore. When I turn the power on, the power supply's fan turns on but nothing happens after that. The POST does not start or at least I hear none of the usual beeps that occur right after I turn the power on.

I cleaned up everything in the box and even oiled the fans. I disconnected all peripherals and reconnected them one by one without any change.

This has been occurring intermittently for some months but up until a couple of weeks the computer would boot after three or four trials.

There is a local database application with well over 100,000 entries running on this computer. I have a recent backup and disk image but I am not interested (for now) in porting the DB to another system.

Is the problem related to the motherboard or the processor? I could buy either a new P5K motherboard OR a new processor.

Anyone has a suggestion?
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  1. After posting this message I found that there were many other users with the same problem.

    It has been well described (but not solved) here

    Sorry for this...

    I am now looking for an alternative board and since I have a drive image, I was wondering which board would be the closest relative to the ASUS P5K Premium. Would the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R or DS4 be ok? The ASUS is running with an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 with 8Gb RAM. The graphic card is an ATI Sapphire 2HD 2600 Pro. There is only one SATA 500 Gb hard disk. I would try to restore the image without too much software reinstallation. Is it feasible?

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