Pcie x16 gen 1.0 on foxconn irvine gl6e mcp73s01

Will a pcie generation 2.1(radeon 6670 1gb gddr5) graphic card be supported in my motherboard( it has pcie gen 1.0)... I cant get any bios update for it..!!!

The question is will the 6670 be supported on my a Foxconn Irvine gl6e mcp73s01 mother...
Is anyone sure about it???

NOTE: I took this mobo along with the processor from a HP s3505in(slim line PC)
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  1. yes it will work. The pci-e cards are backwards compatible.

    Also there is no way to update the slot. Its a hardware thing.
  2. I meant updating my bios... I read it could solve some issues...
    are you sure about that card on the motherboard.... Technically yes it should support that grahics card coz pcie 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0 (not so sure about pcie 2.1 as my mobo has no bios update) but I have read that some radeon 5xxx graphic cards(i.e pcie 2.1) had problems on some motherboards with pcie 1.0..
    so i asked this question because i am aleady on a tight budget and i dont wanna purchase a graphic card and then realise its a waste coz my mobo wont recognise it....

    are u sure that card will be supported in my mobo..(asking for a specific answer not a generalised one).. *sorry if that seems rude*
    I cant find much help on hp forum..
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