Cooler Master 1000w and 800w any good?

Alright so I got a 800w Cooler Master gold PSU

Is this good? I will eventually run x3 SLI GTX 680's by 2014. Will this be enough ya thnk? People are saying Cooler Master is garbage in terms of PSU's, is it true? Should I return it to Newegg? (I already bought it.) Thanks for the help guys.EDIT: Basically how long will this PSU last, should I even use it, and should I return it immediately?
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  1. if i remember correctly the 680 is 195w TDP so 195x3 = 585w for GPUs alone.

    it's a gold rated CM PSU so it can't be that bad but everyone likes seasonic/ corsair/ antec ect...

    edit* the 680s are 195 TDP,15012.html
  2. What is the entire system?
  3. Go with the 2500k over the 2550k, what about a custom water cooling setup?
  4. I wouldn't recommend coolermaster psu's going with something that's based on the seasonic platform.
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    The only major problem with the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold series is that the ripple and noise on the 12V and 5V rails is very close to the spec on full load.

    I doubt any 800W PSU is going to be enough to power a build with three top end Nvidia GPUs.
  6. Well I am taking back the Cooler Master 800w, but I am keeping the 2550k because it is 100mhz better than the 2500k.
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